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Mountain Grave - Massive Structural Collapse


"Since the coming of DEATH's "Scream Bloody Gore", Death Metal gained solid and strong foundations. The main legacy left by Chuck Schuldiner is simple: don't limit yourself by labels, do the music that is in your heart. So, as all his predecessors, Chuck believed in making different forms of a same style. His heritage is present in North American quintet MOUNTAIN GRAVE's musical work, and "Massive Structural Collapse" is here to show it. They play a brutal and extremely aggressive form of Blackened Death Metal, throwing a chaotic mass of sound into our ears. If you pay attention, they have a very good technical work, and some crude melodies and keyboards to give a somber scent to their songs. All members of the band are in good shape, and besides the fact that this formula is already in use by few bands, their way has a powerful and strong musical personality. It is different from the others, so it's opening way for some future possibilities." - metal-temple.com