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Theophagy - Theophagy (2010)


Indiana's prog-death legends masterfully crafted this eccentric release. This is metal with thick guitar tones and vast symhponic soundscapes made for the festival-goers, vagrants, and other travelers. A radiant lotus in a sea of weeds that could have only been spawned from souls just completing their second decade of existence.

This product comes new, shrink-wrapped.

"Theophagy are that rare progressive death metal sextet from the American heartland destined to be the forerunners of a new trend. Rather than peddle the same symphonic dross as Abigail Williams or settle for the mindless deathcore along the veins of Whitechapel, Theophagy prefer to blaze a trail all their own with music that's intelligent and complex. By releasing a self-titled first album independently this year Theophagy have taken the first crucial step to carving a niche in the often convoluted American metal scene." - Infernal Scream Magazine