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Mountain Grave - The Ancient Disease (EP 2012)


Mountain Grave's epic space saga begins here. Delve into a diverse array of soundscapes and thrash bonded together by the unique dark cosmic story. First released by HPGD, an enhanced CD portion includes a video directed by bassist Austin Smith!

This product comes new, shrink-wrapped.

"Mountain Grave is a quasi-technical band who seamlessly blends riffs and makes logical sense out of chaos. These Indiana-based metal heads cover a lot of ground in just five songs, songs which strike a rare balance between being rich in complexity and length time while avoiding the pitfalls of staleness and over experimentation. Strong musical direction, raw talent, and a good production value makes The Ancient Disease an enjoyable listen with many high points." - Metal-Reviews.net

"Solid guitar aggression and pounding drum delivery are immediately felt of ‘The Ancient Disease’, an EP from Indiana’s Mountain Grave that is overflowing with genres, musicianship and re-listen value." - Forbidden Magazine